Thursday, 2 March 2017

Mt. Seorak Tour – Should be There with Your Korea Private Tour!

There are many places you need to explore once you are in South Korea. This part of the world has really managed to develop as a great tourist destination over the time. Though this country has adopted the modern technology and related factors wholeheartedly, then also the culture and traditions are still followed by people in this nation. When you are in South Korea, you cannot just stop yourself from going for a Mt. Seorak tour. This is a great spot to visit and can deliver great enjoyment for you. If you are going for a Korea private tour, then you must have such place on your list. Visiting this place can really make your touring time in this country amazing.

It’s the Taebek mountains where this Mt. Seorak is located. This mountain region is also called as the spine for this country. If you are expecting for masculine beauty and scene, then Mt. Seorak is all set to deliver you some of the best views of Korea. From Seoul to Gangwondo, it takes near about three hours. During this travel, you need to cross several tunnels. And when you will cross through the backwoods, you can have some stunning views for sure. Well, the condition of the road has remained same since last ten years. Due to the geographical features of this place, it is considered as the last stop where the Korean culture and tradition has managed to reach for. Well, this is the point where the Taebaek Mountain has blocked one end. Despite such fact, this place is long been considered as one of the best tourist spot in Korea. Simply by driving for four to five hours from Seoul, you can reach for it easily.

During your Mt. Seorak tour, you will also come to know about several other things. This is also known as the 3rd highest peak which is located at a height of 1708 meter from the sea level. This mountain peak use to remain covered with snow during the Chuseok. Due to this reason such name was assigned for this place. The snow use to melt during the summer and this is the time when a different type of beauty factor gets added for this mountain range. During the year 1970, a national park was announced here. During 1982, UNESCO has announced a biosphere region here as well. Your Mt. Seorak tour is surely going to make you feel great. All you need to choose the right Korea private tour for which such travelling is added.

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