Friday, 10 March 2017

Busan City Tour – Try the Local Delicacies During Seoul City Tour!

If you are in South Korea or you are planning for your next trip to Korea, then you should have the Busan city tour in the list. This is the next best Korean city after Seoul that you will love to explore. There are really many things to do and explore when you are here. So, your Seoul city tour must be followed by paying a visit to the Busan city. Though there are many things to do in Busan, having the food items at the eateries of this city can really make your Busan city tour amazing.

This part of the world is famous for its local delicacies. Some of the prime foods served in Busan are the Hoe which is a raw and fresh fish item, the pork soup which is called as Dwaeji Gukbap, noodle with cold beef broth and chicken which is called as Milmyeon and the sweet pancake along with the seed known as Saiat Hotteok.

And when you are looking for more, you should consult with the local Koreans in this city. They are friendly and they are ready to suggest you the names of some of the best eateries located in this city. At these restaurants you can have all these local delicacies served in the traditional style. During your Seoul city tour, you can also collect all these details about the city of Busan.

When you are in Busan, you must visit the Jagalchi fish market which is also known as the biggest fish market in this country. In this market you can find all sorts of sea foods. The market remains crowded throughout the year. This is surely an interesting place where you will love to walk and look around. The fish variety you can find here is just unmatchable.

When you are looking for a more prominent Korean dish during your Busan city tour, you should try the Bibimbap. This is a rice based food item and prepared in the traditional Korean style. In order to make it more prominent they use to add gochujang, vegetables and a special kind of spicy paste into it. Dolsot means the food item that is served in the hot-stone bowl. This rice based food item is served in the same sort of bowl. Due to this reason, the whole food item use to remain crisp for a long time. This is also a big reason why the name of such food item is assigned as Dolsot bibimbap. You can also try these food items when you are on Seoul city tour.

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