Thursday, 23 March 2017

Korea City Tour – Visit the Museums and Off-Best Theme Parks During Your Jeju Island Tour!

South Korea is a country that uses to have a rich culture and heritage. The traditional and cultural values are still followed and maintained in this country at the peak. People in this country used to offer a great importance to their culture and traditions. And this is what also you need to explore and experience once you are in Korea. For this you need to opt for the Korea city tour package. There are many places and cities in Korea that can draw your attention at the first instance. But for the foreign travelers, starting the Korea city tour from the capital city Seoul is always considered as the best option.

Once you are done with your Seoul tour, you should spend no time to move for Jeju Island tour. This is an amazing place located in South Korea and also considered as the most sought after place in Korea after Seoul. This part of South Korea is very special from different perspectives. Most importantly the locals of Korea prefer to move for this place when they wish to spend their leisure properly.

This is a cool calm place and you will love to spend time here for sure. There are also some notable places that you should visit once you are at Jeju Island. It’s the Quirky Museum located on Jeju Island that can offer you some great insights about this country. There are some cheesy and serious museums located at this place. From sex and health museum to trick-art museum and from aka Butterfly museum to World Eros museum; you can always visit these places when you are on to a Jeju Island tour.

If you are in Jeju Island with your kids, then never miss this opportunity to visit the Teddy Bear Museum. When you visit the Haeneyo Museum, you can learn more about the Korean divers. There are also some amazing theme parks located on the Jeju Island. These are the offbeat places where your kids can really enjoy a lot. Well, at these theme parks, you can have some amazing time while at the waterfalls.

There are also casinos and golf courses housed at these theme parks. So, there are really plenty of things you can do when you are at the Jeju Island. Some of these theme parks are considered as the enigmatic ones and they are Mini Mini Land, Love Land, Psyche World, etc. visiting these places can make your Korea city tour really memorable.

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