Friday, 12 May 2017

Mt. Seorak Tour – Your Korea Tour Agency can Add Real Adventure for You!

No matter where you go in South Korea, Mt. Seorak is surely going to attract you! Ask your Korea tour agency to assign such tour package for you that comprises of Mt. Seorak tour. This type of tour is highly regarded for those who love to have some adventures during the trip. There are really many places to see when you are at this fascinating spot. Mt. Seorak or called as the Seoraksan Mountain is the place that can help you to watch some of the most stunning sights of South Korea. Sokcho city is the one that is close to Mt. Seorak and also considered as the proper gateway to this tourist site. When you are in Sokcho city, this becomes easier for you to access the Seoraksan Mountain.

This is the place that uses to carry new colors during different time of the year. And the colorfulness of this place use to remain high during the autumn time. Once you are here, you shouldn’t miss the chance to explore the Seoraksan National Park. Here, you can also take the tour of a cable car from Seorak Dang and reach for Gwongeumseong. This is a ten minute journey but it can offer you a lifetime pleasure.

During this cable car tour, you will explore some of the most stunning sights of Mt. Seorak. Once you will reach at the Gwongeumseong station, you can find that you are at 670 meters high from the sea level. This is the best place to view the most stunning sight of the mountain during your Mt. Seorak tour. There are also some temples located at Mt. Seorak region that you will love to explore.

Among all these temples, Sinheungsa temple is considered as the prime one. This temple was constructed by Jajangyulsa. He is the one who traveled all the famous mountains located in this country. This temple is the most ancient one and also holds natural scenery and historical significance. In order to get more, ask your Korea tour agency to assign a trip for the Sokcho beach. If you are on a tour to Mt. Seorak, then taking s stroll around this beach can offer you a great peace.

After a stressful Mt. Seorak tour, you can move for this beach where you can find people resting and chatting in peace. This beach remains open throughout the year and known for its crystal clear water and white sand. The pine forest located along this beach is also the next best attraction.

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