Friday, 14 April 2017

Once You are Done with the Busan City Tour Move for the Mt. Seorak Tour!

As the second largest city of South Korea, Busan attracts most number of visitors per year after Seoul, the capital city. Once you land at the Land of Morning Calm, the very first thing that will run in your mind is that what cities you need to visit during your tour to this country. Well, you may sit for a while and prepare the list of the cities or you may take help of the tour guide to plan this list. No matter how you prepare such list, the name of this city will surely be there. It’s the Busan city tour that can really help you to find and explore the next face of this country. As the second biggest city, there are so many things that you can do here and explore.

Once you complete touring this city, opt for the Mt. Seorak tour. It’s the Mount Seoraksan that can really add a different taste for the tour. This mountain range is just beautiful and attracts many visitors every year to admire its beauty. It’s the city of Busan which is also called as the San Francisco of South Korea. such name is assigned for this city due to the longest port here. It’s the Busan city tour that can take you one step close to the raw-fish markets where you can see some of the most stunning fishes that are caught from the sea fresh. This city is also surrounded by the hilly regions at the neighborhood. The beaches and the bridges located here also enhance the overall beauty of this city. Well, the fact is that it’s not a small city.

So, you should have some time to explore it. If you are thinking that you can use the subway services of this city to explore the top attractions quickly, then you are wrong. So, your Busan city tour should be planned properly. And once you are done with it, you should think about exploring the masculine beauty of Mt. Seorak. For this you need to opt for this mountain range first that lies right at the spine of South Korea. from Seoul to Gangwondo, it takes three hours. During this visit, you will cover so many tunnels and the side by mountain regions can really make you feel mesmerized. The Mt. Seorak tour can become more amazing when you plan for a one day trip. This mountain peak is located 1,708mt above the sea surface.

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