Friday, 17 February 2017

Nami Island Tour and DMZ Day Tour – Offers Visitors a Great Chance to Explore the Real Korea!

South Korea is an amazing nation. But without paying a visit to this part of the world, you cannot really feel how dramatic it can be? Well, we are talking about your tour to South Korea. But there is also another side of this country. In the past, this country has experienced very odd political situation. Due to that reason, Korea was divided into South Korea and North Korea. Among them, South Korea is the one where tourism has developed immensely and now drawing most attention from the tourists across the globe.

And if you are planning to visit South Korea and want to have a look at the North Korea, then also it is possible. All you need to opt for the DMZ day tour. Ask your travel agency to book such tour for you. This type of tour will offer you a great chance to know more about these two countries. These days, you can find so many tour agencies are offering DMZ day tour.

But you need to keep in mind that this is a restricted area for civilians and it can be only accessed when you have the military escort. Getting the permission to enter into this demilitarized zone may take some time. So, you need to get prepared for it well in advance. In this regard, you can take help from your tour planner or agency to keep everything perfect for your DMZ day tour. During such tour, you will also have several activities to take part in.

The next point of South Korea is the Nami Island. This is a popular place and considered to be best for the honeymoon couples. So, if you are in South Korea with your partner, then opting for the Nami Island tour can really make your day. This is also known as the birth place for Korean craze. This part of South Korea is very popular among the Asian tourists coming to this country. Here, several dramas and serials were filmed before.

When the Cheongpyeong Dam was constructed, this Nami Island has come into existence. The isle of this island looks like a half moon. So, the time has come to plan your Korea tour with a great way. The Nami Island tour you will take can really take you close to the natural beauty of Korea. On the other hand, a DMZ day tour can offer you a great chance to know more about two countries. 

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