Friday, 30 December 2016

Group Tour to Korea – Your Tour to Korea should Comprise of Doing the Most Unique Things!

A group tour to Korea like country can remain incomplete if you have missed the chance to taste the traditional desert of Korea. Your tour to Korea should be planned properly and when you are doing this never miss the chance to add eating and shopping like activities for your to do list that you will follow once you reach there. There are some unique things which you can only do when you are in a country like Korea. 

In this regard, the very first thing that you need to do is to move for the Shilla Hotel where they serve the best version of traditional desert of Korea. This is also the hotel where some famous personality of the world like Michael Jackson, Bill Gates and the US president George Bush have stayed during this visit to Korea. This hotel has also become a much admired wedding spot for several popular celebrities from Korea. Right at the lobby of this hotel you can find the bar and library. This is also the place where they use to serve the traditional desert of Korea named as Patbingsoo. 

When you are on a tour to Korea, you should move for the largest church of the world. In a city like Seoul one among every ten people is known to be a member of this church. Due to this reason the concept for making such a mega church has came into existence. The name of this church is Yeouido Full Gospel Church. It can accommodate near about 26,000 people during the Sunday service. more than one million of people have become the member of this church. 

And when you are in Korea, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to opt for the DMZ tour or Demilitarized tour. This tour can offer you the chance to take picture of a secretive country in this world. It’s the capital city of Seoul that can offer you a chance to move from South Korea to North Korea safely and can again come back. 

If you think that it is not possible then read on! There is a Korean town that borders both North and South Korea and named as Panmunjum. Here you can go for the building of Joint Security Area. Half of this building is located in South Korea and the next half in North Korean territory. So, when you enter into this building, you can have the chance to explore the feel of North Korea as well.

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